Your Registry: Upgraded

Join the "Chip In" Revolution

Instead of

piles of cumbersome gifts,

shipping & wrapping,

duplicate items or things no one uses,

Chip in to make your bride & groom's dream house a reality

It's As Easy As ...

Your Wedding


Made Simple

Wedding gifts have come a long way.

Unfortunately, not everyone got the memo. That's why choosing your own gifts is a must.

And why not furniture?

Pieces to match your style and home,

To grow with and enjoy for many years.

Stress Free Registry

The bride registers on DTFR for Free 

  • Complete registry form

  • Upload photo (preferred)

  • Bride will receive a link in her confirmation to download registry card template

  • Or go bold for an extra-posh guest experience through our Platinum Registry Announcement Service

Gift Purchase

Guest purchases an e-gift card

  • Guest will access registry using bride’s 1st initial of first name, complete last name and wedding date

  • Guest chooses the amount of the e-gift card they want to purchase and pays via PayPal 

  • Guest receives a receipt and can print out a non-negotiable e-gift card with bride’s name to input in a card for the bride and groom at the wedding or shower

Brand New Furniture 

The bride redeems her e-gift card

  • Bride submits the form to request guest name and redeems the total amount of e-gift card purchases

  • The bride’s account will accept e-gift card purchases until account is redeemed after the wedding

  • Bride takes e-gift card and validates it at the partner furniture store she selected

Planning Weddings is Stressful

Furnishing Your Home Shouldn't Be

Take the worry out of your registry and what dear aunt Harriet may buy.

Using Destiny's Touch allows you to choose what you want, how you want it and how many.

No more duplicates. Or funky colors.

Your choice. Your home.




Whatever Your Style

You choose. You receive.

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Focusing on the furniture needs of newlyweds is the cornerstone of

Destiny’s Touch Furniture Registry.

Destiny’s Touch Furniture Registry eliminates the need to spend countless hours in a department store scouring through towels, small kitchen knickknacks and glassware, only to receive duplicate gifts and expensive china that won’t be used for years to come.

Let your guests "chip in" toward outfitting your house with furniture you will cherish for years.

This allows newlyweds a fresh start with brand new furniture, provided by some of the largest furniture stores in the country with the reputation of offering top-quality brands and excellent customer service based on consumer reviews.


Financing their dream wedding can cost the bride and groom thousands of dollars, but their dream furniture should be a gift.

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