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Get exactly what you desire for your wedding! Purchase what you want rather then returning or exchanging gifts. To get started, register for a FREE DTFR account. Then share your private link with your loved ones so they can contribute to your registry. You will receive an email notification for every contribution!

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Stress Free Registry

Destiny’s Touch Furniture Registry understands, simplifying a wedding
registry is important. Creating a registry can be overwhelming not to mention time consuming in deciding on stores and wed sites that carry all the same stuff.

Destiny’s Touch ~ Bridal Registry for Furniture is distinguished. Were known for providing the ultimate gift.
We’re devoted to providing a bridal registry with a gift-worthy experience to remember long after your big day.
Our furniture registry is practical, simple, and easy as 1,2,3 - where "Chip In" is CLASSY, LAVISH, and Elegant!

1. Register for Free

Complete registry form and you will receive a custom link and password to provide to your love ones.

2. Guests Chip In

...using the your custom link. Once Guest Chip in you will be notified.

 3. You Purchase

You will receive your total contributions to used on DTFR wedsite.

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